Auto sound deadening - Guides and Reviews for enthusiasts


The purpose of this site is to inform car audio enthusiasts (or any auto enthusiast) about sound deadening. This includes proper sound deadening techniques as well as product reviews.

Enthusiasts need to keep in mind that sound deadening products vary greatly in performance and price. When deciding which product to buy, donít always buy the cheapest, and donít assume the most expensive is simply the best. Choose what fits your budget while allowing you to achieve the goals you are trying to achieve. Price per square foot isnít always the best determinate of value since some products can perform better with less coverage.


After spending countless hours researching sound deadening, and seeing many peopleís strategy of automotive sound deadening, I came to the conclusion that most consumers go about sound deadening the wrong way. So I decided to put together this site. Hopefully the site will help inform consumers on how to identify and solve noise problems in their automobile.